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Byggwik (UK)

Jacking System

Byggwik (UK) has been accumulating experience and specialized know-how during the past 40 years in jacking tanks, lifting equipment, civil construction and other applications.

Its activities comprise the hire of jacking systems, that are assemblies for lifting in a synchronized fashion. Byggwik also develops the engineering to permit a safe way to realize the proposed operations and also supplies technical assistance and field training for an autonomous, efficient and safe jacking, This system is applied with advantages when erecting new metallic tank or for repairing existing ones, lifting equipment in restricted space environments, levelling tanks and in some civil construction applications (lifting roofs, for example) and always when speed, safety and quality are important.

Byggwik Equipamentos Ltda is active in South America and is a joint venture between KCE Consultoria Empresarial and Byggwik (UK).

With components manufactured in Brazil respecting the UK high standard and technology backing from Byggwik (UK), Brazil assures the same standard of services that brought the system to the high level of performance, quality and safety obtained by the thousands of operations without accidents.

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