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Projects' Cases

Representing MB-CWG, KCE actively supports Gasholder Projects in Steel Plants. See the complete list of projects done by MB-CWG:

Reference List of Maintenance, Inspection, Repairs & refurbishments and New Gasholders in Brazil and South America
International Reference List of New Gasholders and Major Refurbishments

ArcelorMittal Tubarão
New Wiggins

Design, Technical Assistance for erection, tests and commissioning, supply of special components of a new Wiggins type 80,000 m³ gasholder for Steel Plant Gas.

ArcelorMittal Tubarão
Inspections and Maintenance

Periodic inspections and technical assistance for maintenance services, including the supply of components during seal changes for the Klonne, MAN and Wiggins gasholders.

Cia. Siderúrgica Nacional – CSN

Design, technical assistance during erection, supply of special components, tests and commissioning of two new gasholders, Wiggins type, one converted from an old Klonne with 90,000 m³ capacity for BFG and another for LDG with 50,000 m³ capacity.

Cia. Siderúrgica Nacional – CSN
Inspections and Technical Assistance

Inspections and technical assistance during maintenance and seal substitutions for the 45.000 m³ MAN gasholder and for the LDG and BFG Wiggins gasholders.

Gasholder Major Repair

Refurbishment of a 3 lifts’ gasholder, column guided. The lifts were raised and lowered 10 metres by means of a synchronized jacking system, to enable the activities of re-sheeting and general repairs.

Technical Assistance: Inspection and Maintenance

Inspections of the 50,000 m³ Water Seal gasholder (first off internal inspection on air, followed by maintenance intervention) Inspections of the two Klonne type gasholders.


Inspection and report with recommendations for the two Klonne type gasholders operating with BFG and COG.


Inspection, diagnosis, technical assistance during repairs, seal change, seal supply, trouble shooting, commissioning of two Wiggins type gasholders, 120,000 m³ capacity, operating on BFG and LDG.


Basic and detailed Design, special components’ supply, technical assistance during erection, tests, and commissioning, training for a new 158,000 m³ gasholder (in progress).

USIMINAS – Cubatão
Inspection and Technical Assistance

Inspection and technical assistance during a general and major refurbishment of a MAN 10,000 m³ gasholder operating on COG, including, shell, piston and seal change.

USIMINAS – Ipatinga
Klonne and MAN Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance during seal changes of the Klonne 150,000 m³ gasholder on BFG and the 40.000 m³ and 30.000 m³ COG MAN gasholders.

USIMINAS – Ipatinga
Technical Assistance for the Water Sealed Gasholder

Technical Assistance during repairs of the 50,000 m³, 3 lifts’, water sealed gasholder operating LDG/BFG.

USIMINAS – Cubatão
General and major Refurbishment

Total refurbishment of the 125,000 m³ BFG MAN Gasholder, reconstructing of the piston, part of the shell, new seal supply and installation, commissioning.